Why Grass-Fed?

What is Grass-Fed?

Not all beef labeled grass-fed is the same, or what it appears to be.

  • Beef from cattle that have been grass-fed and then brought to a feedlot and fed corn, antibiotic and hormones for their final months can still be labeled Grass-Fed.
  • Beef from cattle that ate only grass their entire lives but were injected with vitamins, antibiotics or growth hormones can be labeled Grass-Finished.
  • Beef from cattle that have never received antibiotics or growth hormones can be labeled Naturally Raised (“Natural”) but could be either grass-fed or grain fed.

Without knowing the feeding history of the animal from which the meat was taken, it is impossible for a consumer to know exactly what a package label implies.

Cowboy Beef Grass-fed

Our market animals never visit a feedlot, therefore are never fed GMO corn or injected with hormones or antibiotics to stimulate their growth. After weaning, our calves feed on Sandhills prairie grass and organic hay all of their lives. Therefore, Cowboy Beef meets the highest health standard for beef: It is Grass-Fed, Grass- Finished, and Naturally Raised.

CowBoy Beef is certified to be Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC) by IMI Global, an independent auditor and a division of Where Food Comes From, Inc. Cowboy Beef is processed only by an IMI-certified meat processor.

Every calf on our ranch is given a numbered ear tag at birth, and a record is kept of that animal’s genetic history, health and diet. The meat from that animal can be traced back to that record. You know where your order of Cowboy Beef came from, and can be assured that the steer that provided it was grass-fed, grass-finished, naturally raised and humanely handled.

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