The best ground beef I have ever had. Made store bought burgers along with the cowboy beef burgers and there was no comparison! Definitely has my recommendation!

Mathew B.

Uncle David made us some cowboy beef burgers on our recent trip to NC. By far the BEST burger I've ever had!!

Lorraine C

The best steak on the continent and some of the finest people you will ever meet. I wholeheartedly endorse Cowboy Beef.

Bill C

This is the best beef on the market hands down. I had a ribeye for the first time which I usually just eat sirloin. The ribeye is the best and really feels like it is melting in your mouth! This is amazing beef and what I recommend

Eben M

This is by far the best beef I have ever tasted. As someone who is very mindful of what I feed my family, I appreciate the ranched approach to raising the cattle, naturally on horseback and not in feedlots. Its also refreshing to know that its coming from a family ranch in the US and not imported from Australia.


Having had Cowboy Beef's steaks, hamburger and jerky, no doubt about it being amazing! You can taste the purity of the meat. Now-a-days, you may not know what exactly your meat has been through or where it really comes from. So, its comforting to know these cattle are taken care of. Highly recommended!!

Stacie K

You won't find better tasting beef! Definitely going to be buying more! :)


I had Cowboy Beef at a friends and I was blown away by the taste of both the steaks and hamburgers. This did not taste like the grass fed organic meat I bought at the stores in town. I did further research and found out the outstanding quality of the meat and fair price. I switched to organic grass fed meat as all the hormones and poor quality of feed in conventional meat were increasing my hormonal symptoms. This change has eliminated many of the struggles women have as we age. I am thrilled to have found a quality and trustworthy source for grass fed meat and soup bones for bone broth.

Sandy E

We received Cowboy Beef ground beef as a gift from our son. I won't call it hamburger because it is so far superior that there is no comparison. It tastes more like steak than burger. Fantastic taste, highly recommended. No one would be disappointed with this. Can't wait to try steaks and other cuts.

Ron B

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