Cowboy Ranching

With cattle being the key economic use for The Sandhills, a culture was created in the 1800’s that would forever leave its mark on history. That culture and way of life is that of the cowboy, a true American icon with a twisted blend of toughness, grit, and hard work. Early America was settled and the west was won by the hands of a cowboy.

Today, the Sandhills still support cattle ranching and the life of a cowboy as it did over one hundred and forty years ago. The combination of a plethora of native grasses, pure water, and pristine air quality has provided the natural blueprint needed for the successful operation of a cattle ranch. 

Cowboy Beef comes directly from the heart of the Sandhills, and from a ranch that continues to operate with the values that define environmental stewardship, hard work, and the culture of the cowboy.

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