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Real Cowboys Eat the Healthiest and Best-Tasting Natural Grass-Fed Beef in America. You Can, Too!

Why is cowboy beef the healthiest?

On our traditional cowboy ranch in the Sandhills of Western Nebraska, our herd of purebred Black Angus cattle forages on the open range. They feast on wild prairie grass that's rich in protein and nutrients. They drink from the sand-filtered waters of the Ogallala aquifer. They breathe the clean air of the remote high plains. Our unique geographical confluence has created the ideal environment for raising premium natural beef with the highest nutritional value.

Why is cowboy beef the best-tasting?

Black angus beef is renowned for its lean marbling, tenderness and flavor.

Cowboy beef is angus at its best

Our purebred Black Angus herd is documented back to 1926, and has been genetically bred over time to produce a premium Angus beef that is leaner, more tender and more flavorful than any beef you could buy at your local supermarket or butcher.

It's the same beef our cowboys enjoy

Real cowboys choose cowboy beef, and trust us, they know the difference


  • The best ground beef I have ever had. Made store bought burgers along with the cowboy beef burgers and there was no comparison! Definitely has my recommendation!

  • Uncle David made us some cowboy beef burgers on our recent trip to NC. By far the BEST burger I've ever had!!

  • The best steak on the continent and some of the finest people you will ever meet. I wholeheartedly endorse Cowboy Beef.

Our beef is 100% Cowboyed

Happy cows produce tender, delicious steaks. Our crew of experienced cowboys on horseback handle our herd gently and humanely. Our cowboys provide caring attention to each cow's well-being, and they take extra care to minimize animal stress - two very important factors that go into the tenderness and flavor of meat.

We do everything the traditional cowboy way - on foot and on horseback - because it's more natural for the animals. We do not allow any motorized vehicles on our ranch. We even use windmills to pump water from the Ogallala aquifer.

Our cowboys pay close attention to the important details of herd management that affect the quality of beef. Our beef is 100% cowboyed.

Beef from the Nebraska Sandhills

The Nebraska Sandhills contain the last wide-open virgin prairie in America. The land is not suitable for farming, agriculture or industry, which means our ranch is protected from residential and industrial pollutants that might contaminate our water supply and the natural grass required for the diet of our herd.

There is no need for us to cultivate grazing pastures. The virgin prairie abounds in clover, timothy and big bluestem grass varieties, which many consider to be best for cattle foraging. Our ranch reflects the open-range cattle grazing of America's Old West.

Cowboy Beef is all-natural, grass-fed beef

Our steers feed on natural prairie grass their entire lives. They never visit a feedlot, never eat GMO corn and are never injected with hormones or antibiotics to stimulate their growth. After weaning, the diet of our calves consists entirely of the best natural grass. The result is leaner meat that's more tender, flavorful and nutritious.

Cowboy Beef is naturally raised and certified hormone-free by IMI Global, an independent auditor. This means that when you eat Cowboy Beef you'll never be ingesting any of the following unhealthy ingredients:

GMO corn and grain, Growth hormones, Antibiotics, Feedlot toxins, Nitrates, Pesticides, Adrenaline breakdown, Water and air pollutants, Artificial coloring

If you follow the Paleo Diet, Cowboy Beef is your ideal choice.

You should be eating Cowboy Beef

Now you can eat natural grass-fed, grass-finished, premium purebred Black Angus beef, raised on the Nebraska prairie. Each piece is cut to your liking by an IMI-certified meat processor, properly aged, flash frozen and shipped directly to your doorstep.

You can't get a better steak than that.

Due to the unique combination of geography and our years of breeding, feeding and managing our herd, we're able to offer you the healthiest and best tasting premium Black Angus beef produced in America. It's the same steak our Nebraska cowboys eat. Try it! You'll love it so much you'll want to come back for more.

Cowboy Beef is in-demand, and the supply is seasonal and limited. We fill orders on a first-come, first-served basis, so processing time may vary. Pre-order now to check availability, reserve your preferred cuts and lock in your delivery date.

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